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Tom Cox Intermediate Orchestra
Email the Director: Ms. Martin

Charms Office

Welcome To Orchestra!

As a Tom Cox student, you have the option of taking orchestra and learning to play a stringed instrument-Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass. No prior musical experience is needed! Orchestra classes are taught by Ms. Martin every day during your fine arts time. Parents will need to provide an instrument, uniform, and all required supplies. Please DO NOT purchase any supplies until speaking with an Orchestra Director! The Orchestra Directors will help you choose an instrument and select the correct size.


Orchestra is a two year long commitment. Students are expected to bring their instrument, music, and supplies to every class, as well as attend all concerts and performances. Always try your best and you will achieve success!


Your homework in orchestra is to practice every day and record your practice time on your Practice Card. This is the only way to ensure success. Please set aside a time and a quiet place (away from distractions) to practice every day. It will help to set up the habit of practicing if you practice at the same time every day.