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How to purchase a Literati, digital gift card for your child.


Literati gift card
Purchase gift cards for children by following the link.

Digital gift cards improve accessibility, eliminate waste, and serve as a safe and easy payment method that won’t expire or get lost in a student’s backpack. They also make great individual gifts and general donations, so students, teachers, and librarians alike can add new favorite books to their shelves.

Purchasing Gift Cards

  • Gift cards can be added to a purchase both online at and in-person at your fair. Online, the customer enters in the recipient’s email address at checkout. In person, the cashier enters in the recipient’s email address using the cash register.
  • Once purchased, the gift card code will be delivered via email. Please have recipients check their inbox, spam, or junk folders if they are unable to locate their gift card code.
  • To redeem in person, the cashier enters the code on the register or scans the printed barcode. (See below for more information on printing barcodes.) To redeem online, the recipient inputs the code at checkout.
  • Because gift cards purchased in-person can only collect limited information, we recommend purchasing gift cards online. This allows you to gather more details and makes it easier for you to look up individual balances or codes.

Happy Shopping!!!