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Counselor’s Corner

Meet our Counselors!

Counselor's Role

We all experience a time in our lives when we need help. Kids are just like adults! They experience loss and anger when they move. Children become frustrated when changes occur in families or at school that they cannot control. Counseling helps us all by talking about how we feel and making plans to cope with whatever is causing us pain.

Mrs. Jessica Kowis and Mrs. Tara Bodin are the school counselors at Tom Cox Intermediate. They will assist parents, students, faculty, and administration. The school counselors teach numerous guidance lessons in all of the classrooms. The guidance curriculum is designed to help students acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills.

Small group counseling sessions are provided for children who support each other with changes or problems in their lives. In addition, a child may see the school counselor for short-term individual counseling or during a family crisis. Parents or teachers are encouraged to talk with the school counselor to help them gain more understanding of a problem their child or student is facing.


For student safety and well being after school hours, please contact CISD KID CHAT at 1-888-543-2428.

Counseling Referrals are Made By:

  • Student/teacher referral
  • Parent/Guardian requesting counseling through the teacher.
  • Parent/Guardian phone call/email to counselor at (281)-465-3200